Dear Colleagues:
The International Conference on Earth Observations and Societal Impacts (ICEO&SI) 2012 has been held very successfully at National Taiwan University (NTU), Taipei, the capital of Taiwan. In total, 142 participants from 10 countries took part in the exciting event. 60 papers were presented.
On behalf of Taiwan Group on Earth Observations (TGEO), I would like to express my sincere appreciations to Professor and Chairman Jinn-Guey Lay and his team members from the Department of Geography for providing excellent domestic supports of all kinds, all committee members and speakers for preparing extremely informative and high-quality presentations, all participants for making the conference fruitful and meaningful, and all sponsors for gathering the participants together.
ICEO&SI will be jointly held by National Cheng Kung University on June 23-25 in 2013. I will be looking forward to receiving your contribution for ICEO&SI and to meeting all of you for an exciting ICEO&SI in Tainan, the ancient city of Taiwan, producing tropical fruit mango next year.

Best wishes,
Dr. Yuei-An Liou 
President of TGEO (