Speech Title: Geo-Surface Environmental Application based on 3D Spatial Images and GIS

Kyungil University, 33 Buho-ri, Hayang-eup, Gyeongsan, Gyeongpook, 712-701, Republic of Korea
E-mail : mhjo@kiu.ac.kr / myungheejo@yahoo.co.kr
Academic Background
  • Master's Degree : 
    1973.03~1977.02 Dept. of Geography, Kyungpook National University, Korea
  • Doctor's Degree: 
    1985.03~1990.02 Dept. of Geography, Kyungpook National University, Korea                      1996.09~1998.09 Dept. of Ocean Engineering, TOKAI University, Japan
  • Invitation Researcher:
    2003.03~2004.02 Dept. of Geodetic Information Engineering, University of London, UK
Employment Record
  • 1992.02~1993.02, Researcher at UN region Development Center
  • 1994.03~, Professor, Department of Satellite Geoinformatics Engineering, Kyungil University
  • 2003.03~, President of CEO of Geo C&I Co., Ltd.
Professional Activities and Membership in Societies
  • 2011.04~ Specialized Committee Member of NSTC(Nation Science and Technology Commission)
  • 2010.01~ Committee Member of Disaster Impact Review(National Emergency Management Agency)
  • 2008.10~2010.12 President of Asia GIS Association
  • 2007.03~, Executive Secretary of Korean Association of Remote Sensing Studies
  • 2006.12~, Promotion Committee Member of National Space Development Strategy Agency  (Ministry of Education, Science and Technology) 
  • 1999.12~, The Korean Association of Geographic Information Studies
  • 2005.06~2005.12, Member in National Prospective Technology Committee 
  • 2003.10~, Promotion Committee Member for KOMPSAT 2, 3, 5, Communication Ocean Meteorology Satellite
  •                           (Ministry of Education, Science and Technology) 
  • 2003.05~2005.05, Valuation Committee Member for Forestry (Korea Forestry Service)
  • 2002.08~, National GIS Promotion Member (Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs)
  • 1999.12~, Surveying Discussion Committee Member National GIS (Ministry of Land, Transport and Maritime Affairs)

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2012年8月4日 上午7:19